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We are often asked, "Why so many pigs?" or

"Why don't you do more adoptions?"
Often times these questions are asked with genuine curiosity,

other times, that question is being asked with snap judgments and incorrect assumptions.

We wanted to dedicate a page specifically to explain why there are so many pigs here at our Sanctuary and just how much our Sanctuary has helped with pigs in need and why your support is crucial to our organization's sustainability.

How It Started

Our very first rescue was when Corrine brought home 27 pigs in the back of the family Honda Pilot. The pigs were no longer wanted by their backyard breeder and were going to be given to hog hunters to use for training hog dogs. A horrific sport in our part of the world where pigs are tortured to death. 

We quickly stepped in to help, with years of experiencing in dog rescue, we assumed finding homes for piglets would be easy! We were WRONG. Our eyes were shockingly opened to the hundreds of pig rescues drowning in unwanted pet pigs. No one would even post our newest rescues as a courtesy, because they were trying to find homes and adopters for what they already had.

We got to work educating ourselves on


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