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Welcome to our Equipment Needs Page!

Running a sanctuary of our size requires heavy-duty equipment. Heavy-duty equipment often means big price tags. Every penny we have right now goes to food, medical care, keeping the lights on, and high-priority maintenance like gravel and erosion/mud control. Here you can learn about the different pieces of equipment we are hoping to purchase and how you can support our campaigns to obtain the essential equipment we need for the pigs and their animal friends.

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Our Sanctuary is home to 24 large breed pigs: Wendy, Waylon, Wynona, Wesley, Walter, Wade, Walker, Wallace, Governor Albert, Fiona, Gertie, Bubbles, Rhiannon, Drool, Jack, Peaches, Princess Leia, Ludo, Hoggel, Rosalie, Webster, Sal, Lisa Simpson, and Howie. Some of them are commercially produced breeds that will grow upwards of 700 pounds, and others are feral pigs who have found refuge on our farm and will grow upwards of 300-400 pounds.

To have tusk trims and proper hoof care, our big pigs and feral pigs, currently require farm calls for sedated hoof and tusk care. Each trip ranges from $400-$800 per pig. Our Vets are extremely cautious and concerned about using sedation for this routine care, so we are turning to you for help to provide a better option.

It's a huge infrastructure investment, but with 24 large breed pigs, we need it.

In the next 12 months, all 24 pigs receiving one hoof/tusk trim averaging $600, would cost $14,400... That means the equipment would almost entirely pay for itself after the first year of use at the Sanctuary.


The only reason sedation has to be used is the pig's size and having no way to restrain them properly for this to be done without the sedation. We are talking about our smallest big pigs weighing 300-400 pounds. There is a solution. A hydraulic medical lift/chute. You've probably seen some well-known sanctuaries like HEEFS, OMI, and AA using this vital equipment. Because it's amazing and necessary.

The reality for us is it's around $17,500, and every penny we have right now goes to food, medical care, keeping the lights on, and high-priority maintenance, like one ton of gravel at a time.

This will likely take us a long time to save up for, but we hope with your help, we can reach our goal for the big pigs quickly. We ask everyone to pitch in a little or for 24 amazing people to step forward and make a $750 contribution.

We ask that you donate through Facebook at the link below to help us reach our goal. There are 0% fees when donating through Facebook, so the animals get every dollar. While normally, we ask for donations to come in more immediately through Paypal and Venmo, with such a large amount needed, we can wait this time for the funds to deposit from Facebook. If you do not want to donate via Facebook, you can view our other forms of payment accepted over on our donate page  

If you are interested in providing a donation with a match offer, please email Corrine at:

Facebook Fundraiser for the Lift:

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