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Who We Are

Meet some of our pig family:



Sugar Bear

Rosalie was rescued from living in a horse trailer at an Animal Control Facility where she had been impounded as a stray. The notches on her ears and freshly nursed teats told us a story of a female pig being exploited for her body. Rosalie was our very first big pig resident and we promised her she will never be used again. Having all the respect she deserves, Rosalie is the matriarch of our big pig herd now here at the Sanctuary. 

Priscilla was rescued from a neglectful home after spending her first six years of life living in a basement. When she arrived, her hooves were horribly overgrown, and she was very obese. She had thermal burns on her back from not being able to move away from a heat lamp her owners gave her. Upon intake, Priscilla had emergency medical care and has since had her hooves trimmed and corrected and has lost 100 pounds. She is thriving in our care. 

Sugar Bear was rescued from a rural animal control facility alongside his mate, Mama June, and their two adolescent sons, Honey and Boo Boo. The family found themselves at the shelter after their owners got a divorce and neither party wanted the pigs. All four family members were unaltered and unsocialized. We got the whole family spayed and neutered and although Sugar Bear can be quite shy still, the whole family is very sweet and enjoying life together.

Mission Statement:

Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary is a 501 (c) 3 Farm Animal Sanctuary that specializes in potbelly pigs but we have opened our gates to many types of animals in need. Our mission is to help the unimaginable number of potbelly pigs in need of placement in our Sanctuary's home state of Georgia. We provide food, medical care, and placement through sanctuary or our adoption program.

In addition to helping the pigs and their animal friends in our immediate care we work to educate potential adopters, animal control facilities, shelters, and individuals about proper pig care and other animal welfare issues.

We advocate against the breeding of pet pigs in our community and promote spaying and neutering of all animals where applicable. In a rural farming community, we are firmly planted in the motto "Animals are here with us, not for us" inspiring the name of our Sanctuary, we are Outsiders and proud of it.


Founders, Daniel and Corrine Baker, moved to Georgia in 2015 with their three children Mara, Porter, and Eisley. Moving to Georgia, the Bakers had already been advocates for environmental and animal welfare issues. Upon arriving and seeing the sheer volume of animal exploitation permitted and so few resources available, it was a huge culture shock and they didn’t know how to help but things were falling into place for Outsiders to come into existence. Although it wasn’t until 2018 that the Sanctuary was founded after taking in their first group of pigs when they realized this was their calling and passion.
Running the Sanctuary day-to-day from animal care, maintenance, all the way to the administrative work is all done by the Bakers. It is a full-family affair. A vegan family farm. Corrine handles all administrative work, veterinary care, and social media. Dan always feeds and waters the animals first thing in the morning and does many building projects, thanks to being a carpenter. He also does all of the maintenance work around the farm while working a full-time job to support his family and the animals at the Sanctuary.
The children do a wonderful job loving on the animals, helping socialize them, but also put in physical labor when it comes to the gritty cleaning around the farm. All three can also walk you through the process of a spay and neuter procedure as well as properly give vaccines! They are warriors that will change the world! Life around the Sanctuary is incredibly busy - and often stressful - but there is so much peace and positive energy when you are doing what you have been called to do... especially when you do it with your family. 

"Welcome to Outsiders! We hope you love pigs!"

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