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🐽 Want a pet mini pig? Pause and ponder before plunging! 🤔

Mini pigs are extraordinary beings – intelligent, loving, and full of surprises. But here's a shocking truth: the majority of our rescues come from owners who didn't understand what it truly means to care for a pig. Did you know that a whopping 90% of all pet pigs are surrendered or rehomed before they even turn two? It's a heartbreaking reality. 😢

But fret not! At Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary, we're here to help you make an informed decision. We strongly encourage you to book a visit with us here in Bowersville, GA, where you'll be surrounded by nearly 350 mini pigs – each one showcasing their own size, shape, color, and personality. Let our founders, Dan and Corrine Baker, walk you through a 60-minute education session, complete with interactive demonstrations. We want you to fully comprehend the joys and challenges of pig parenthood, because let's face it, pigs are not your average pets!

Before you embark on a 10-15 year commitment, check out our FAQs to gain valuable insights. And when you're ready, we'll be here to match you with the perfect piggy companion. 🐷❤️ #AdoptDontShop #ChooseWisely


🐷 Still with us? Mini pigs may be small and cute, but they come with big responsibilities! We want nothing more than our rescue pigs to find families of their own, but we need to be realistic! You need to be informed! Did you know that they can live for 15-20 years? That's a lifetime commitment! They also continue to grow for five years, so don't be fooled by their tiny size. These adorable creatures can reach anywhere from 75-150 pounds as adult pigs! Remember, there's no guarantee of size or weight, despite what some breeders may claim. It's essential to have specialized vets who understand their unique needs.

Our adoption process goes beyond just finding the right pig for you - it's about creating a loving bond that will last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on being highly selective with potential adopters, ensuring that our pigs find the perfect forever homes. Our comprehensive adoption process includes a detailed application, meeting specific requirements, in addition to a phone interview, and site visit when your adoption is finalized. Adopting a pig can be so fulfilling and unique experience, creating a loving home for a rescue pig. Plus, as part of the Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary family, you'll have access to expert advice and support from our dedicated team of pig enthusiasts. You can begin your adoption journey by filling out our application here

A few of our adoptables

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