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Enjoy life, adopt a pig!

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Bringing a pig or pair of pigs into your family can be one of the most incredible experiences. However, adopting a pig should never be on a whim and it is important to properly research and prepare. 95% of pet pigs are rehomed before their second birthday, most often because people fail to do their research and plan accordingly.

We highly recommend those interested in adopting review some of the resources provided on this page
 as well as our adoption FAQ.

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions. 


Adoption FAQ

Why should I adopt from a rescue when there are so many pigs looking for homes all over the internet?

What is your adoption process?

1. Fill out our adoption application.

2. Phone interview.
Often times when we take in a pig, they have been through multiple homes or sad experiences. We make a promise to every rescue pig we take in to keep them safe and when possible help them find their forever families. It is very important to us to make sure that their adoption is a success. Having an adoption application on file and a phone interview allows us to make sure the best match possible is made.
3. Meet the pig(s) if possible.
We transport every pig to their new forever home but if possible, we encourage adopters to come meet them at the farm first.

4. Application approval

Once all references are contacted and information verified, we'll reach out to let you know whether we think the adoption is a good match.
5. Sign our Adoption Contract and Pay Adoption Fee
6. We Brin
g Your New Rescue Pig(s) to You! 

doption fees are vital to the continuation of our organization. We are 100% volunteer-run, so rest assured they go directly to the medical care, transportation costs, supplies, and food/housing for our rescues while they wait for their forever homes. Adopting a fully vetted pig from our rescue is 100% less expensive than obtaining a free pig online who often times need spaying/neutering and to be brought up to date on vaccines and dewormed. 

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