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Help us find 100 pairs of pigs their forever families this year!


The Process

OFAS loves to help responsibly rehome and adopt out pigs to join new forever families. 

All prospective adopters are screened through our adoption application and approval process. We want to be sure that anyone adding a pig to their family is prepared and fully educated on the commitment of adding such a special new family member. If you are thinking about adopting, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You need to check your zoning. Not everyone can have a pig where they live. There are regulations and limitations set by individual counties, towns, and HOAs. Be sure you can legally own a pig before going any further with it.

  • Are you expecting to adopt a small, dog like pig? “Micropigs”, aka “teacup pigs”, do not exist and are either baby pigs or severely malnourished pigs. Most pot-bellied pigs will grow to weigh up to 125 to 200 pounds. We do have some smaller sized pigs for adoption due to inbreeding or neglect cases, but one should never adopt a pig with the requirement of them being "small". Even if small in stature, pigs are a BIG personality.

  • Where will you take your new pig(s) for veterinary care? Do you have veterinarian near you that is willing and able to provide care for a pig. Is it a mobile vet or will you be required to transport your pig to the clinic? How will you transport your new pig to the hospital in an emergency?

  • Are there other animals in the household? Territorial disputes, particularly with dogs, can be dangerous for a pig.

  • Is your yard landscaped? Pigs naturally like to root around in the dirt and will damage vegetation during their explorations. Do you have a separate, pig safe space for your pig to enjoy outside time?

We are happy to talk through any of these questions and others you may have, but due to having such a small staff, please help us out by filling out an adoption application first. This will answer many of our questions we may have for you and allow us to see the big picture so to speak and make the most of our communication with you. 

Your very first step is to fill out our adoption application. You can do that by clicking here to fill out the adoption application.
Please note, the application is not complete until you hit "Submit".


Once you have submitted an adoption application, it will be reviewed within 3 business days. You will be asked to provide video and/or photos of your home and space where your adopted pigs will be housed and live. This includes shelter, shade, wallows, and fencing photos as well as photos of all existing pigs in the home.

This serves as a virtual home visit where we can then advise on fencing, shade, shelter, and water, as well as how a pig will fit in with other animals in your household living space.

After your application is approved, if you do not have a specific pig in mind for adoption, we will reach out to set up a time to visit the sanctuary. This visit gives you a chance to meet our pigs and see the variety of sizes, colors, and personalities and have your meet and greet with potential adoptable pigs. 

Finalizing Your Adoption

Once you have found your new best friend or friend(s), the next step is for us to have their final vet visit. All of our pigs receive a final vet exam to make sure all booster vaccines are up to date and that there are no underlying health concerns. Every pig adopted out is spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated, and health checked. Therefore, same day adoptions as meet and greets are not possible, unless the adopter is coming to meet a specific pig that we have had time to pre-vet.

If you have a specific pig in mind that you are interested in adopting, it typically takes 2 weeks from the time your application is approved to have them ready to go home.

Adopters picking up their new pigs are required to have a secure horse trailer or have individual hard top crates for each pig, we do not allow pigs to be transported loose in a vehicle for safety reasons. We offer transport to new homes free of charge, but fuel donations are greatly appreciated separate from your adoption fee.

                    Adoption Fee

To help us continue our mission of helping pigs in need, we ask that adopters make a donation of $175 per pig to our piggy spay and neuter fund. Where possible, we always greatly appreciate additional donations to help take care of the rest of the pigs who have not been adopted.

A few of our adoptables

Contact us with any questions or if you would be interested in meeting the pigs below! We try to update our Petfinder, AdoptAPet, and PPN pages as often as possible, but often times they do not showcase ALL of our adoptable pigs available. We also have plenty of pigs in our rehoming network, living in private homes that need to find forever homes. Be sure to ask about those piggies too!

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