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Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary
Better Together... Our mission to Keep Companion Animals & Humans Together

Animal & human welfare community outreach

A close up photo of a rescued pig smiling


Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary is located in rural northeast Georgia.  While the farmland and undeveloped landscape is peaceful and serene, the area is a desert in terms of animal welfare.   Between "livestock" farmers and under-funded or non-existent animal controls, the animals in our immediate area NEED us. 

We are partnering with local human resource agencies who can refer clients to us in need of: Pet food, pet supplies, and vet care.  

There is a great need in the community for access to and/or financial assistance with basic vet care, vaccinations, and food assistance for current pet owners.  While our focus is Pigs, we extend our compassion and concern to all companion animals.

Our mission is to offer a variety of programs that are accessible to those in need, with the goal of keeping animals healthy and safe in a forever home.

Low Cost & Emergency Vet Care Assistance

With grant funding & designated donations, we can offer senior citizens and low-income families the financial assistance and access they need to excellent vet care for routine/preventative needs and emergency situations.

Heartworm Testing & Sponsorship

Recent studies show 1 in 5 dogs in shelters have heartworms.  With GA's climate, and many pets being kept outside, the statistics in GA are staggering.   

With grant funds and our partnership with our trusted Vet, we can offer financial assistance with testing for heartworms, and providing maintenance medication.  

Photo depicting the Heartworm Lifecycle in dogs

Vaccination Drive-thru Clinics

With grant funding to secure vaccines and discounted vet labor, we can partner with our trusted vet for regularly scheduled Free community drive-thru vaccination clinics for cats & dogs. 

Additional at-home, by appointment, vaccinations for companion large farm animals (pigs, goats, cows), can be provided on a regular basis as well.

Freedom Barn- Potbelly Spay/Neuter Assistance and Pet Fostering for Families in Crisis

Once we secure a state-of-the-art quarantine barn, we can guarantee the safe accommodation of new potbelly pig arrivals during their spaying/neutering, evaluation, vaccination updates, deworming,  & socialization for potential adoption.

Home retention: With the Freedom Barn, we will be equipped to extend our services to owners who are keen on retaining their pet pigs, by providing spay/neuter assistance utilizing our exclusive partnership with a dedicated Vet Team at an affordable rate.   This will elevate the overbreeding crisis in the area.

Pet Food Assistance

Utilizing our new access to deeply discounted pet food and supplies via the GOODS program, we will open a pet food pantry for low-income families in need in Hart County.  

The goal is to keep animals healthy, fed, and in their homes with their loved companions.

Plant-Based Food Pantry (Humans)

Many families struggle to keep their own plates full of nutritious options, in addition to their pet's bowl.

We are creating a plant-based food pantry that is available to those in need.  We will offer packaged goods as well as fresh produce, when available.

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