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Found on the side of the road in August 2020, Arthur came to stay at the Sanctuary in hopes of an owner coming forward and explaining why he was on a busy highway. No one came forward and he joined the dog pack at Outsiders. Absolutely hates a broom and will spend an endless amount of time attacking and destroying one.
Maggie was a county stray who took up residence at a local saw mill. After eluding her rescuers, she was finally brought in as a young adult to the local animal control. She was adopted by a wonderful family and had a forever home. Until her owner became so ill during the Pandemic they had to be placed in long-term care. Devastated, Maggie had to be surrendered back to the shelter. At 10 years old, Maggie was horrified in the kennel. She is now living out the rest of her days being a pampered ho
Stitch retired to the Sanctuary after a partner rescue took him in. His owner had been a tough spot and the rescue was helping them out, for some reason the owner decided to abandon Stitch while at boarding. 11 years old and abandoned by the love of his life. He needed a soft spot to land and is such a sweet, laid back guy, he has fit in perfectly here at the Sanctuary.
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