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You can name a pig!

One of the wonderful things about rescuing pigs is giving them the opportunity to start a new life with a new identity.  On one particularly large rescue we saved more pigs than we could find names for.  We currently have several pigs who are eagerly awaiting the day they can be called something more than just "Here piggy piggy!"  If you've always wanted to name a pig but didn't want the responsibility of cleaning up poop, this is your big chance! For a $150 donation you can choose the name of one of these pigs.  You will receive a unique digital certificate of the newly named pig. Your chosen pig will retain that name for as long as it lives on the sanctuary!  This is a limited opportunity to add joy to our pig community, act now! 

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download (4).jfif

Happy Pig #001


Happy Pig #002

download (2).jfif
download (1).jfif

Happy Pig #003

Ready to name that pig?

Thank you for donating!

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