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This is your Team page. It's a great space to introduce your team and talk about what makes it special, such as your culture and work philosophy. Don't be afraid to illustrate personality and character to help users connect with your team.

Sponsor an Animal

Benefits to Sponsors:
We are so grateful for your consideration for becoming an animal sponsor.
Sponsors or recurring monthly donors are the heartbeat of our organization. Sponsors help us
fund our operating budget for all the rescued animals at Outsider
s. Every dollar goes to the animals in our care for their food, medical, and shelter expenses. 
Sponsorships can be billed monthly or annually, at the tier level of your choosing. 

Monthly sponsorship package: 

  • a logo sticker

  • custom 12-month calendar beginning the month of sponsorship sign-up 

  • quarterly email updates

Annual sponsorship package:

  • a logo sticker

  • certificate of sponsorship

  • custom 12-month calendar beginning the month of sponsorship sign-up 

  • mailed photo and certificate of sponsorship

  • snout art

  • quarterly email updates

  • Name or Business listed on the Wall of Compassion on our website

As a thank you, monthly sponsors will receive an annual sponsorship package minus the calendar after 12 months of recurring monthly donations as a thank you for your support. They will still receive the monthly sponsorship items as normally scheduled (within one month of sign). Annual sponsorships are priced to cover most non-emergency costs of an animal based on current costs. Annual and monthly packages are a way that we try to give everyone an opportunity to help take care of the sanctuary animals. Thank you for your understanding!

Wall of Compassion

ZPM Accounting

A photo of a rescued pig enjoying the sun and a wallow bath
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