Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501 (c) non-profit farm animal sanctuary located in Bowersville, GA. Our mission is to rescue and help animals in need by finding them a lifelong home, or by providing them a lifelong home within our sanctuary.

Although we do specialize in potbelly pig rescue, rehabilitation, and adoptions, we assist other species as well and try to help wherever there is a need. It is important to us as an organization, and as a family, to make a difference wherever possible.



We currently house over 275 pigs along with many other farm animal species ranging from cows to ducks, as well as a few cats and dogs. Although the goal is to place these animals in loving homes, we are always fully prepared to offer each one a lifelong home here on the farm within our sanctuary. Monthly donations and sponsorships allow us the means to be able to continue the work we do here at Outsiders.



We love to see the heartwarming connection adoption brings because to us, they are more than just animals, they are also members of our family! Each one has their own personality and brings their own little quirks to the table. We do have a thorough adoption process to ensure each of these babies will have the best of care in their new homes. Interested in adoption? Come out and meet some of our babies!



Community education is also a huge part of what we do. We provide consultations and spay/neuter assistance when funding allows. By working together with the community on topics such as pig advocacy, companion and farm animal care, gardening, the power of kindness, compassionate living, and volunteerism, we hope to extend our impact for positive change to animals and people alike.


Running the farm is no easy task and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication - more than we can handle alone! Volunteers are most definitely appreciated. You are the heart of our daily operations here and what keeps us going. If you haven't volunteered, please consider doing so! We'd love to have you come out.

Adoption is always the main goal we have in mind when taking on each animal we bring into our care. We welcome visitors and encourage you to form a solid connection with any animal you plan to adopt from us. The process is thorough but simple, and we are here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Donations are vital to any rescue. We are so thankful for any we receive because without them, we couldn't provide the care we do.. There are options available such as recurring monthly donations, sponsorships, and one-time donations or sponsorships. If you choose to donate, please go with the option that works best for you!