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Our mission is to rescue and provide sanctuary for animals in need with a special focus on pigs.

Our Goals:
1. Be a valuable resource for current pet owners (pigs & all companion animals) by offering access to low-cost veterinary care, pet spay & neutering, food/shelter assistance, and financial aid when available.
2. Tackle the issues of pig overpopulation, hoarding, and backyard breeding through education & community outreach.
3. Provide Animal Assisted Therapy, connecting humans, animals and nature with the goal of healing, fostering compassion and respect between all sentient beings.
4. Promote awareness and appreciation of pigs and other farm animals as sentient beings.


Our Mission

A photo of a rescued pig in sanctuary, resting on a bed of straw

Seasonal Focus

🐷🌱💕 Calling all animal lovers! 🐶🐔🦆 Have you ever wondered what life is like at Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary? Well, let us give you a sneak peek into the bustling world of compassion and care for over 400 rescued animals! 🏡✨

Right now, we're super excited about our latest campaigns and programs that are making a huge difference in the lives of our furry and feathered friends. From providing medical attention to our beloved pigs, chickens, and cows, to creating safe and comfortable living spaces for all of our residents, we are working tirelessly to ensure every animal receives the love and care they deserve. 🌈🤗

But we can't do it alone! We need YOUR support to continue making a positive impact on the lives of these incredible beings. Join us on this incredible journey towards a more compassionate world by donating, volunteering, or simply spreading the word about Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary. Together, we can make a difference, one snout, wing, and wagging tail at a time! 🙌❤️🐾

We'll recycle your aluminum cans. Drop off your aluminum cans at 131 Buck Holw Bowersville GA
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