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Help Us Fund The Tractor of our Dreams!

A sanctuary of our size NEEDS a tractor. For efficiency and to conserve as much money as possible.
After five years of running the sanctuary,
unloading thousands of pounds of food by hand several times a week, expensive equipment rentals, endless manual labor, and having to turn away free or more affordable hay options, another sanctuary has noticed how hard we are working with what we have and wants to help!
We have been given the opportunity to finally purchase the tractor of our dreams at a steeply discounted cost...we need to reach our goal by June 18, 2023, to secure the tractor at it's special pricing, before the other sanctuary needs to offer the tractor up for sale to the general marketplace. This is our one chance to get the lifechanging equipment at the best price we could ever find! Please read more about our campaign on our GoFundMe page.

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