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You can volunteer!

It takes a village!  With over 400 animals who need constant care and attention, we rely heavily on volunteers to help us with everything from cleaning to feeding. If you are passionate about animal welfare and would like to make a positive impact, consider volunteering at Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary!

Although we have discontinued open volunteer days and have moved over to an application-only process for volunteering to insure efficiency, we still welcome clubs and school groups for planned work days.  Please email Corrine to schedule.

For regular volunteering, please fill out our application.
Approved volunteers are required to commit to
two (four hour-long) volunteer shifts per month.


Volunteers Needed On Site for:

Basic cleaning of animal housing

Manure pick up

Sorting produce donations/making feed buckets

Washing bowls and troughs
Bedding distribution

Skilled volunteers needed for:

Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, and Building

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